On Thurs 7 Aug 08 @9PM I had a deeply moving and spiritual experience when I lit candles and deeyas for Tibet. This was in unison with everyone in my time zone and done globally. I'd like to explore this and share my experiences with you and hear yours as we participate in universal collective prayer events together. I hope to work together with all the universe's beings as we move toward the ideal of Universal Collective Prayer.

Come join me in Universal Collective Prayer!

May God Bless Us All!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday-The Resurrection! :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday: The Ultimate Surrender!

Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord's Supper - Vedanta

As I continue to share in Universal Collective Prayer with my friends of the Christian faith this week especially those of Catholic background I again re-publish a post by my dear Brother in sharing the metaphorical Eucharist that is the Christ-Greg Kirk. I'm excited when I read his post to hear of my other friends being mentioned in it...like another adopted online mother in Mary Lynn, my dear Eze from Mexico, Yogi Rajesh (Sharma), Vashi Ram Chandi...and touched to hear of his interaction with Avi a young Israeli soldier although I haven't interacted with him so far on Intent...and note this junction for him in the dance that is this life with regard to his mother in law...I also think of my dear Sharms who always supports my Universal Collective Prayer and wonder about the other member of the Fab Four and how her trip is going! :)

So here it is this late night and wee hours of the Good Friday morning here in Trinidad...the experience my dear Brother had last night at Holy Thursday mass...

Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord's Supper - Vedanta
I squeeze the CD player volume knob and bring Bryan Adams to a conclusion as I pull into the parish parking lot. Entering the back door to the church sacristy, I can't suppress a smile - I'm early and alone, another adventure in awareness. In the dark sanctuary, I slowly bring up the altar spotlights. The altar is the symbol of the Self. As the lights slowly and softly bring this mystical surface to life, I rest in the awareness that Self-realization is a "process," I remember to be gentle and patient with myself and with others. I gaze at the bare wood of the altar and recall that it should be dressed in cloth tonight. I unfurl dazzling, brocaded white linen and roll it over the wood. The pure white and rich texture of the vestments reminds me of the purity of Self - in my essence, in your essence, purity abounds. The task of life is to remember this. The altar is dressed and my attention moves to vigil candles - a chance to wrest a few quiet moments of prayer. As wicks begin to flicker with light, people are lovingly remembered and light is called down on them - my family, especially my dying mother in law Linda who will be moving in with us shortly. A young couple, Jen and Jesse and their archangel Mary lynn. A young Israeli soldier named Avi, alone in the West Bank who has asked for prayer. I lose my awareness of thought and simply breath for a few moments. Coming back to awareness, I think of Rajesh and smile.

Father John and the servers arrive. The servers are nervous. I assure them that "we" will remember everything and that there is nothing to "sweat." I encourage them to relax and to enjoy themselves. Three fourteen year old boys, filled with innocence sigh with relief. I'm almost reduced to tears, mindful of the others their age who suffered so tragically from clergy abuse. I vow to myself, never again.

The mass has begun. Father John and I process up the stairs and reverence the altar with a kiss. He recites the opening prayer. Speaking the penitential rite falls to me - I skip the one in the book and speak my own, ending with a reference to the One beyond name and form, the One the Svetasvatara Upanishad pointed to: "I know that Great Person of the brightness of the Sun beyond the darkness. Only by knowing him one goes beyond death. There is no other way to go."

Readings from Scripture unfold, ending with the Gospel of John. John, the evangelist I most love, John the Gnostic poet (I think of Sharmishtha and smile) sharing an account of Jesus washing his followers' feet during his last supper with them. The feet washing was a lesson in loving service, in humility, in transcending one's self identity. Twelve chairs are next set up facing the congregation and twelve individuals who I was asked to invite come forward to have their feet washed. This group is representative of the parish - from the eighty four year old man who nearly died from a stroke this past winter to six year old Simon. Father John and I remove our stoles and drop to our knees, with pitchers of water, basins, and towels and begin washing feet. As I finish washing little Simon's feet, I reach up to shake hands with him, to wish him peace and to say thank you. Beyond his smile, curls and innocence, I sense another innocent spirit, the spirit of a shaman candyman ("candybaby") in Mexico named Ezequiel. The washing is finished, the chairs put away. I hand the incensor to Father John and he incenses the altar. He hands the incensor back to me, we bow to one another and I incense him. Next I move to the front of the altar and bow to the congregation and incense them - "Namaste" - "the divine within me acknowledges the divine within you" vibrates through my being like a mantra. Are the very walls tonight crying out "Self-realization?" As incense smoke rises, a symbol of the devotion known as "bhakti," I think of my friend Vashi in Hong Kong and smile. The Eucharist is offered on the altar and then shared with the community - we are to humbly become food for others. I think of my sister in Universal Collective Prayer, Babita, in Trinidad and smile again.

The mass concludes. Father John shrouds the Eucharist within his cope and we process to a place of quiet where the sacrament will be reposed for this evening. The procession represents the arrest of Jesus in the garden, on this night. An innocent man, betrayed, arrested, beaten and taken to trial - a trial without witnesses or a defense - because he dared to love, because he dared to express "Namaste" with his words and actions, to everyone, but especially to the vulnerable, to the marginalized, to the outcasts. He was executed the following day in a horrific, gruesome death, one not deserved - one in which he became one with the One. He realized Self. Nothing will ever be the same. This is my task, it is his teaching and path I follow. I am mindful of the challenge and I recommit myself again this evening - to go beyond dogma, to go beyond the confine of Religion, to grow beyond cultural conditioning, " to let go" (Rajesh again!), to let go of what is comfortable and easy - to strive to accept, support, love, everyone I encounter - especially the vulnerable, the ones our religious and political domination systems would ignore, judge and condemn today. In making this commitment, I feel the presence of a friend named Tamasin. I rest, grateful for her example - her determination to love and support everyone.

I remember words from the Gospel of Eve, a gospel that didn't make it to the canon of Scripture: "I stood on a high mountain and saw a Mighty Man and with him a dwarf and heard as it were a voice of thunder, and drew closer to hear it: and it spoke to me and said: 'I am you and you are me; wherever you are I am there, and I am scattered in all things, from wherever you want to you gather Me, and gathering Me you gather yourself."

The lights are dimmed. My vestments put away. Votive candles will continue to flicker with love for those experiencing challenge. The people have returned home. As I reach for my jacket, a voice behind me, a voice in the dark startles me - "love you dad." Love and light continue to shine beyond the darkness. With our twelve year old son Tony's arm around me, I walk toward the car, toward continuing to realize Self. Tomorrow, death is remembered. The death of one who became one with the One. Realizing Self always involves some death. But Realizing Self means that Resurrection is just around the corner. I know what my intent tomorrow will be - "I intend to love." This was the intent of the Third Jesus. This will be my intent everyday, for all of my days. I turn on the ignition and then the CD player - "Got to get you into my life" sizzles. And I sizzle, growing in oneness with the One, the One of love, the One in all, the One who shines beyond the darkness.

Love, Greg

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Universal Collective Prayer: Hanuman Jayanti and Holy Thursday...Bhakti Yoga at Its Best!

In the myriad of Hindu festivals that are out there...today is Hanuman Jayanti...I don't do anything special on the day as such as I often hang out with the Monkey man myself(no offense Hanuman Bhakts I'm one myself in a kinda way and he told me I could call him that if I like). So I need no special reason to worship him...but I guess like with any friend you mark their Bday so Happy Bday Monkey Man! :)

Seriously Hanuman Baba is one of my Ishq Devtaas I find as I wrote about back here. So I metaphorically hug him all the time and then ask him for strength and in general seriously we just hang around and monkey about a lot! :) In my understanding of him growing up Hindu and in the Ramayan stories he for sure has to be a really funny being so I figure if he was a blogger he would use smiley faces a lot :) and LOL (laugh out loud)! plenty! :). What you think? :)

According to the Ramayan he was a really smart monkey...incredibly learned...yet despite that a real Bhakti kinda guy capable of 'The Ultimate Surrender' onto the Lord...also a real humble player too...the kind that even forgets his own powers and needs to be reminded about it...cool guy huh? Now you must know why I often hang out with him if only in the metaphorical sense! :)

Check out this excerpt about the Ramayan tale referring to my long time friend from Wiki:

'Having seen Rama and Lakshmana, Sugriva sends Hanuman to ascertain their identities. Hanuman approaches the two brothers in the guise of a brahmin. His first words to them are such that Rama says to Lakshmana that none could speak the way the brahmin did unless he or she had mastered the Vedas. He notes that there is no defect in the brahmin's countenance, eyes, forehead, brows, or any limb. He points out to Lakshmana that his accent is captivating, adding that even an enemy with sword drawn would be moved. He praises the disguised Hanuman further, saying that sure success awaited the king whose emissaries were as accomplished as he was.[8]

When Rama introduces himself, Hanuman reveals his own identity and falls prostrate before Rama, who embraces him warmly. Thereafter, Hanuman's life becomes interwoven with that of Rama. Hanuman then brings about a friendship and alliance between Rama and Sugriva; Rama helps Sugriva regain his honour and makes him king of Kishkindha. Sugriva and his vanaras, most notably Hanuman, help Rama defeat Ravana and reunite with Sita.

In their search for Sita, a group of Vanaras reaches the southern seashore. Upon encountering the vast ocean, every vanara begins to lament his inability to jump across the water. Hanuman too is saddened at the possible failure of his mission, until the other vanaras and the wise bear Jambavantha begin to extol his virtues. Hanuman then recollects his own powers, enlarges his body, and flies across the ocean. On his way, he encounters a mountain that rises from the sea, proclaims that it owed his father a debt, and asks him to rest a while before proceeding. Not wanting to waste any time, Hanuman thanks the mountain and carries on. He then encounters a sea-monster, Surasa, who challenges him to enter her mouth. When Hanuman outwits her, she admits that her challenge was merely a test of his courage. After killing Simhika, a rakshasa, he reaches Lanka.'

So you see there is a lot to learn from my monkey friend...humility...excellence...wit...strength...bravery...but above all how to complete 'The Ultimate Surrender'...it is that ability that really keeps we coming back for more with him...it is why I still visit just to hug him as he surrenders at the feet of his Lord...such a pure, sweet monkey he is then...interestingly I find too that all beings when they are doing 'The Ultimate Surrender' well they become as one...not just in Universal Collective Prayer but in everything...any being doing 'The Ultimate Surrender' cannot be distinguished from any other being doing it...they all become one...merging into the cosmic fluid I guess...no distinguishing 'em again...just oneness...dissolving into the cosmic dancer that is the Shiv man perhaps...or Bodhisattva...

So on this Holy Thursday as I also continue to share in the Holy Week...I also recall another Bodhisattva in my mind...as I wrote about him just earlier in the week...for sure Jesus Christ of Nazareth completed 'The Ultimate Surrender' too...here is the excerpt from this post earlier this week where I rejoice in his surrender up on the Cross...

'You have to feel pain before you can transcend it and that does not come easily...in my understanding of Jesus he never became detached to it but what he did...you see he was the greatest Bhakti yogi....so after he felt and took the whole pain and sufferring of the entire human race on him...he said to the father...the lord of the Universe ...or the Universe...God...to take it from him...he then made the ultimate surrender...he offerred it all up to the Lord or the Universe...and it is in that moment he became one with it...enlightened...due to his Ultimate Surrender...but it is the process of going into the pain...feeling the pain of others...so much compassion...that made him capable of this ultimate surrender...it showed him the way...the love and the light...so in reflecting on the pain of him and his mother the Holy Virgin Mary...I think we learn from them...and become ourselves closer one day to the Ultimate Surrender...'

So I leave you with my favourite Hanuman Chalisa sung by Hari Om Sharan who to me is the only fitting singer for my friend on his Bday...Hari Om Sharan is no longer on the earthly plane and to me, he for sure was a very elevated being perhaps a few wavelengths off from being Bodhisattva himself...so wherever he is in the now...earth or spirit realm...I bow to his pure devotional voice which he possessed and recorded while here on the earthly plane in the form he had back then as the singer...Hari Om Sharan...

Enjoy! Happy Birthday Monkey Man! And let's continue dancing through the Holy Week!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Commemorating the Holy Week: A Pilgrimage and Messages from the Tea Gang or Is It the Fab Four?!

In the true nature of Universal Collective Prayer as I celebrated the Hindu festival dedicated to the nine nights celebration of the Divine Mother-Nav Ratri I began to contemplate on the Divine Mother as celebrated in Catholicism and I expressed it in this post. It took me on a pilgrimage...it wasn't planned but like outlined in the video about the Virgin Mary in that previous post...I was up on the Mount St. Benedict church on the first Sat of the month. I had gone with the thinking to take part in my first mass ever and perhaps even share in the communion...but I didn't realise that the special masses that were being done every 30 minutes for Lent were not on anymore as it was the Saturday before Palm Sunday and so instead busy preparations were being made for the start of the Holy Week! :)

So I was up there visiting the statue of the Divine Mother inside the church (out of reverence I did not take any photos inside the church and I'm not clear if it is allowed or not officially anyway). So in a way I was worshipping her on the first Saturday of the month of April so I've since decided like in the video to go up to the Mount for the five consecutive first Saturdays...assuming I'm on the island through out that period. I intend to carry out the meditation in my own Hinducentric way however...here is how I feel about the Divine Mother as I expressed when having to comment to a fellow Intent member who is of a Protestant background and from Sweden who I loving refer to as The Fairy Godmother Sara! :)These we my comments to her when she shared her views about the said post I did previous to this one on the Divine Mother.

Fairy Godmother Sara:
Hi, Babita. I watched two of these videos so far. The first one I stopped after a while because it made me smile a bit with all the violence but the second one I really appreciated. Thank you for sharing this beautiful inspiring and fantastically performed artwork. There is so much RICHNESS in hindu art and icons.

The clip with mother Mary was also inspiring. I have never come that close to catholic worship, living in a sekularised protestant country with agnostic parents. Not that I'm complaining. I'm grateful for the freedom it has given me. Now I feel I understand better why some catholics are so intense about defending their faith, which means alot to me. I love understanding, thank you :)

Repairing her heart... beautiful. The Holy Mother, indeed....However the thought strikes me that if they want to repair her heart maybe they shouldn't keep depicting it with swords and arrows in it and keep reminding themselves about her suffering. It seems they repeat the cycle every sunday? Poor spirit of motherhood...

Love to you, Babsy! I hope you are doing well.

Hey Sara....Fairy Godmother...Maa Durga she is a strong form of Shakti in Hinduism...pretty independent and yep can appear fierce at times...notice her chariot is usually a tiger or a lion...and they alone can do real damage...she is known to kill many a demon a.k.a. raksha in Hinduism and so yep can come across as violent or fierce...but it is just the eternal battle between good and evil...a turmoil within...it is just the iconography of it my dear Godmother...

About the Mary one ...dunno I don't see it like you...in feeling the pain of her and Jesus...I don't know for me it is deeply spiritual...you have to go deep within and feel it then come back out of it...the reason it is repeated I believe is cause we need to continually go in and feel deeply until we become enlightened...upon enlightenment we can feel the pain but be inwardly disidentified to it...or detached...in Hinduism it is said to be loving but detached...different from just ignoring it or not going into it...which is the mistake many make...

You have to feel pain before you can transcend it and that does not come easily...in my understanding of Jesus he never became detached to it but what he did...you see he was the greatest Bhakti yogi....so after he felt and took the whole pain and sufferring of the entire human race on him...he said to the father...the lord of the Universe ...or the Universe...God...to take it from him...he then made the ultimate surrender...he offerred it all up to the Lord or the Universe...and it is in that moment he became one with it...enlightened...due to his Ultimate Surrender...but it is the process of going into the pain...feeling the pain of others...so much compassion...that made him capable of this ultimate surrender...it showed him the way...the love and the light...so in reflecting on the pain of him and his mother the Holy Virgin Mary...I think we learn from them...and become ourselves closer one day to the Ultimate Surrender...

So...my dear friends in this dance that is Universal Collective Prayer I intend to go about the rest of the Holy Week in this vein and in my five consecutive first Saturday visits to the Mount.

However being up on the Mount and seeing all the preps for the Holy Week...It made me all excited...I wished I could be a part of the celebs but my full time job and my energy levels simply don't permit...perhaps one day Universal Collective Prayer however will be able to get more immersed into the celebs and take footage of the events and bring them to you on here. However for now I instead asked my dear brother in sharing (metaphorically) the Eucharist that is the Christ-Deacon Greg Kirk to share his thoughts on the past Lent season and his thoughts for the Holy Week. I will re-post what he wrote for me here now, along with the thoughts of my other Mexican Brother Ezequiel Rodriguez and to honour him I will publish it in the original Spanish it was written and then the English translation done by my soul sister Adriana Ochoa whose thoughts on how she will spend the Easter holidays with her family will also be shared.

Also you will see some of the beautiful sights up at the Mount one of my favs being those two priests looking at the church...it looks so Merlinish somehow to me...they seem so ancient and wise like Wizards really! :) And I mean that in full respect as I see Wizards in my Universal Collective Prayer as good, wise and showing us the light...if some feel disrespect by that analogy...the prayers apologises as the prayers intent here is really not to be antagonistic to the religious beliefs of others but instead as much as possible to join well in Universal Collective Prayer! Also I believe in taking action after we dance, meditate and reflect in Universal Collective Prayer and you can see I'm proud to be Petrotrin as my company is a major sponsor of the Drug Rehabilitation Centre being built up there at the Mount. The place is truly a thing of beauty, prayer and peace! :)

Brother Greg's Post:

For Babita: Lent, Holy Week and a woman caught in the act of adultery
Babita: I have attempted to answer your request for a blog about my experience of Lent and this coming Holy Week. As you know, the season of Lent is that liturgical season from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday in which Christians are asked to identify and turn away from the darkness of sin. During Holy Week and especially during the Easter Tridiuum, Christians remember the final events Jesus experienced in this life, prior to Easter and Resurrection. If you had asked me to blog about Lent and Holy Week several years ago, my response would have been tremendously different than the one I offer now. For several years, I strove to fulfill the obligations of sacrifice and penance that Lent calls for including days of fasting and reflection on the suffering of Jesus. My celebration is much different now. I can only explain the change with the following story.

Journeying with the Third Jesus has convinced me that mortification and the glorification of suffering and pain are not helpful on the path to transformation. Moving from town to town, watching Jesus reach out to the marginalized – the lonely, the sick, the suffering - touching them with peace and healing has convinced me that suffering will come to us on its own accord. Our task is to bring light and love to those around us. Joy, peace, wholeness, these are the virtues one should embrace and give birth to in this world. What we place our attention on grows stronger.

For me, everything changed with the woman caught in the act of adultery. It is the event that set the stage for the Passion of Jesus, making the cross inevitable. In a way, it propelled the Christian world to the events remembered during Holy Week.

On a bright sunny morning, I followed the Third Jesus out from the Temple to the portico where a group of eager people had assembled and waited for him, obviously hungering for his message. When Jesus sat down, I knew it was to teach. He had just began his familiar discourse on love, beauty and truth when several “religious men” burst across the portico and threw a naked woman at his feet. “Good teacher, this woman has been caught in the act of adultery.” “In the law of Moses, such women are to be stoned.” “What do you have to say about her case?” Jesus looked these men in the eye with a sad knowing. He rose and asked me for my prayer shawl. I took it from my shoulders and handed it to him. He lowered himself to his knees and helped the woman to stand, shielding her from the stares of onlookers with his body while he wrapped the shawl around her. He sat her on his seat. Next he lowered himself to the sandy courtyard and began tracing with his finger in the sand. At first I thought he was doodling or drawing. I moved closer and looked over his shoulder. He had written the following words in the sand “Malachi’s sins.” Under this heading, several sins were listed including the words “lust” and “adultery.” I was horrified. Malachi was the leader of these assembled religious men. It was his voice that confronted Jesus with the question about stoning. Malachi then walked over and read the words of Jesus. At first, his hands gripped the rock he was holding so hard that the flesh on it turned white. His face was a contortion of blood red and anger. Jesus slowly rose from the ground, looked Malachi in the eye and said “let the one among you without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” The older men let loose of their stones first Babita, Malachi held his until the end, finally throwing it down hard at the feet of Jesus. As they withdrew, one by one, I overheard Malachi hiss “this means the death of him, the authorities will not accept this total lack of regard for the law.” When they had left, Jesus touched the woman’s arm gently and with obvious love said “sister, where have they gone?” “Has no once accused or condemned you?” She responded “no one sir.” Jesus responded “neither do I condemn you, you are free, reflect on where on you have placed your attention and what you intend for the future.” His kissed her forehead and we walked out of the portico. After a long silence I asked him what it was all about. Jesus shared with me that the entire incident was a “set up.” He shared that in his culture, there had to be two adult witnesses to adultery other than the accused. He sadly informed me that the “religious men” had formed a conspiracy in order to trap and embarrass him, they were willing to kill a human being in order to enshrine their orthodoxy. He then announced that this is the dark side of Religion, the need to worship the law and follow it to the letter. He smiled and said “follow the spirit of the law, follow love to the letter.” “Always remember little brother, it is people the Divine loves.” “There is something about love that can be so very threatening.” “Afraid of its demands, some would rather extinguish the light of its possibility.” “Always remember, love makes all things possible.”

Lent has been a time of recommitting myself to the path of love again – of saying yes to loving God by loving others Babita. Holy Week will be a time to reflect on the teaching of the Third Jesus and moving closer to the cross and resurrection, to the surrender of the self to Self. Holy Week will find me washing the feet of several parish members on Thursday night in order to remember the teaching of Jesus on selfless love and service to others. Good Friday will find me preaching at two services, encouraging people to make peace with the ego as part of the process of surrendering self to to the Divine. For the person who chooses to love, new possibilities and new life always emerge. This will be celebrated on Easter. It is simply a matter of trust. This coming week is about trusting in the Divine and the new light and love this trust always brings. On the matter of that woman who Jesus freed Babita, I think she went on to discover a new type of love, a love that included healthy love for herself, a love that made everything new. Could the following song be her song? It is a song about transformation. It is the possiblity of this transformation that I will celebrate this week.

Love, Greg

Eze's Thoughts:
Anoche, de nuevo, tuve la grandísima fortuna de tener un encuentro cercano del tercer tipo con la D I V I N I D A D!!! En esta ocasión el Gran Maestro Jesús no me habló. TUVE EL MUY ESPECIAL HONOR DE PODER "MORAR" en su inmenso y muy amoroso corazón! Lo que sentí fue increíblemente único y muy bello. Lo que puedo lograr a traducir a nivelhttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=4920299974971333050 lógico y objetivo fue lo siguiente:

Vamos muy bien. Si le ponemos número y porcentaje solo he podido comunicarles tan solo un trece por ciento de todo lo que el mundo material y espiritual tiene que ofrecernos. Es por eso que requiero de una mayor participación de parte de todos ustedes, ya que nuestro proyecto logrará ayudar a muchísimas personas en toda la faz de la tierra. Sentí que los que hora me acompañan en este sendero, sendero lleno de LUZ, VIDA Y AMOR DIVINOS para muchos de ellos este será solo un camino temporal. De todas maneras sean bienvenidos, mientras tanto a transitar por este particular sendero. Habrá otros que me acompañarán SIEMPRE! Ya que anteriormente ya hemos estado juntos y hemos trabajado juntos para la Gloria d Dios, nuestro Creador y Señor. A ustedes les digo BIENVENIDOS sean hermanos y hermanas en este glorioso sendero. Lo anterior "solo" fue un pequeño mensaje de Cristo-Jesús. Nuestro hermano mayor y salvador. Aún hay mucho más que compartir, espero hacerlo tan pronto reciba mi nueva computadora. Muchísimas Gracias. Reciban un fuerte abrazo de uno de los muchos mensajeros del Amor del Padre, del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo. AMORIFER-ALDEN

Divine Trinity
Last night I had the privilege of having a; close encounter of the third kind with divinity. In this occasion Jesus did not speak. I had the special honor to bask in his immense and loving heart! What I felt was incredibly unique and beautiful. What I can translate in a logical and objective way is as follows:

We are going through the right path. If I can put numbers and percentages I have only communicated 13% of what the spiritual and material realm have to offer. That is why I require a more eager participation of you, because our Project can help more people on Earth. I feel that the ones that are walking with me in this path, a path filled of LIGHT, LIFE and DIVINE LOVE they will go by my side for a time. Any way be more than welcome, to walk this specific path.

There will be others that will be with me forever. Because we have been together before working for the Glory of God our Creator . I welcome you dears Sisters and Brothers in this glorious path.

This was a small message of Christ-Jesus our elder brother and savior. There is much more to share, I will as soon as I get my new computer. Thank you very much.

Receive a big embrace of one of the many messengers of love from the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit.

Adriana's Plans:

Dear ones:
Now I am catching Pedro over there. He is very excited, because last time we could not make it and stayed in Hemosa Beach, which by the way was fabulous.
We are spending the Holy Week over there. Since I was little I enjoyed this week so much, because I always knew that at the end Jesus's rebirth was the culmination. Infinity is real, love is real.

I loved to watch Jesus Christ Super Star, and the Zeffirelli's movies although I cried and cried with pain.
I want to make it special for Pedro, and get a retreat of love with God consciousness. A week of loving lent.

George and Rodrigo are going to a retreat near Mexico city which is beautiful, silence reclaims its own place.

I wish you all to have the most aware Holy Week ever.

With all my love

Also on Intent- Me, Adriana, Greg and Ezequiel are seen as the Tea Gang and at one point we were being called the Rat Pack...but then I always listen to the Beatles and so does my Eucharist sharing friend Bro Greg so one thing lead to another and well...check out this lovely thing Adri created! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Worshipping The Divine Mother!

As today is the last day of Nav Ratri and a Friday normally considered auspicious in Hinduism for the worship of the Divine Mother and in anticipation of a certain pilgrimage of mine in the morn I ask you to pray, ponder and meditate on the following aspects of the Divine Mother as intepreted through Universal Collective Prayer...

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