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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Universal Collective Prayer: Hanuman Jayanti and Holy Thursday...Bhakti Yoga at Its Best!

In the myriad of Hindu festivals that are out there...today is Hanuman Jayanti...I don't do anything special on the day as such as I often hang out with the Monkey man myself(no offense Hanuman Bhakts I'm one myself in a kinda way and he told me I could call him that if I like). So I need no special reason to worship him...but I guess like with any friend you mark their Bday so Happy Bday Monkey Man! :)

Seriously Hanuman Baba is one of my Ishq Devtaas I find as I wrote about back here. So I metaphorically hug him all the time and then ask him for strength and in general seriously we just hang around and monkey about a lot! :) In my understanding of him growing up Hindu and in the Ramayan stories he for sure has to be a really funny being so I figure if he was a blogger he would use smiley faces a lot :) and LOL (laugh out loud)! plenty! :). What you think? :)

According to the Ramayan he was a really smart monkey...incredibly learned...yet despite that a real Bhakti kinda guy capable of 'The Ultimate Surrender' onto the Lord...also a real humble player too...the kind that even forgets his own powers and needs to be reminded about it...cool guy huh? Now you must know why I often hang out with him if only in the metaphorical sense! :)

Check out this excerpt about the Ramayan tale referring to my long time friend from Wiki:

'Having seen Rama and Lakshmana, Sugriva sends Hanuman to ascertain their identities. Hanuman approaches the two brothers in the guise of a brahmin. His first words to them are such that Rama says to Lakshmana that none could speak the way the brahmin did unless he or she had mastered the Vedas. He notes that there is no defect in the brahmin's countenance, eyes, forehead, brows, or any limb. He points out to Lakshmana that his accent is captivating, adding that even an enemy with sword drawn would be moved. He praises the disguised Hanuman further, saying that sure success awaited the king whose emissaries were as accomplished as he was.[8]

When Rama introduces himself, Hanuman reveals his own identity and falls prostrate before Rama, who embraces him warmly. Thereafter, Hanuman's life becomes interwoven with that of Rama. Hanuman then brings about a friendship and alliance between Rama and Sugriva; Rama helps Sugriva regain his honour and makes him king of Kishkindha. Sugriva and his vanaras, most notably Hanuman, help Rama defeat Ravana and reunite with Sita.

In their search for Sita, a group of Vanaras reaches the southern seashore. Upon encountering the vast ocean, every vanara begins to lament his inability to jump across the water. Hanuman too is saddened at the possible failure of his mission, until the other vanaras and the wise bear Jambavantha begin to extol his virtues. Hanuman then recollects his own powers, enlarges his body, and flies across the ocean. On his way, he encounters a mountain that rises from the sea, proclaims that it owed his father a debt, and asks him to rest a while before proceeding. Not wanting to waste any time, Hanuman thanks the mountain and carries on. He then encounters a sea-monster, Surasa, who challenges him to enter her mouth. When Hanuman outwits her, she admits that her challenge was merely a test of his courage. After killing Simhika, a rakshasa, he reaches Lanka.'

So you see there is a lot to learn from my monkey friend...humility...excellence...wit...strength...bravery...but above all how to complete 'The Ultimate Surrender'...it is that ability that really keeps we coming back for more with him...it is why I still visit just to hug him as he surrenders at the feet of his Lord...such a pure, sweet monkey he is then...interestingly I find too that all beings when they are doing 'The Ultimate Surrender' well they become as one...not just in Universal Collective Prayer but in everything...any being doing 'The Ultimate Surrender' cannot be distinguished from any other being doing it...they all become one...merging into the cosmic fluid I guess...no distinguishing 'em again...just oneness...dissolving into the cosmic dancer that is the Shiv man perhaps...or Bodhisattva...

So on this Holy Thursday as I also continue to share in the Holy Week...I also recall another Bodhisattva in my mind...as I wrote about him just earlier in the week...for sure Jesus Christ of Nazareth completed 'The Ultimate Surrender' too...here is the excerpt from this post earlier this week where I rejoice in his surrender up on the Cross...

'You have to feel pain before you can transcend it and that does not come easily...in my understanding of Jesus he never became detached to it but what he did...you see he was the greatest Bhakti yogi....so after he felt and took the whole pain and sufferring of the entire human race on him...he said to the father...the lord of the Universe ...or the Universe...God...to take it from him...he then made the ultimate surrender...he offerred it all up to the Lord or the Universe...and it is in that moment he became one with it...enlightened...due to his Ultimate Surrender...but it is the process of going into the pain...feeling the pain of others...so much compassion...that made him capable of this ultimate surrender...it showed him the way...the love and the light...so in reflecting on the pain of him and his mother the Holy Virgin Mary...I think we learn from them...and become ourselves closer one day to the Ultimate Surrender...'

So I leave you with my favourite Hanuman Chalisa sung by Hari Om Sharan who to me is the only fitting singer for my friend on his Bday...Hari Om Sharan is no longer on the earthly plane and to me, he for sure was a very elevated being perhaps a few wavelengths off from being Bodhisattva himself...so wherever he is in the now...earth or spirit realm...I bow to his pure devotional voice which he possessed and recorded while here on the earthly plane in the form he had back then as the singer...Hari Om Sharan...

Enjoy! Happy Birthday Monkey Man! And let's continue dancing through the Holy Week!

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