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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eid Mubarak 2011-A Sojourn in Islam!

The owner of the Meady's Musings Production House had her fifteen year old niece ask her to throw out one of the guys writing at a UCP desk just for today so that she could write today's UCP blog post instead! Of course you know we're kidding as we couldn't have such nepotism and violence...it is just not the UCP way!:) But seriously the niece of the owner of the Meady's Musings Production will be the contributor to our UCP Islamic celebrating blog today. It's not nepotism really she is fully qualified as for the last few months she has been dabbling in the religion of Islam to learn more about it...at times to be honest the owner of the Production House had felt she had converted fully...boy that niece can be such a good actress! :) So the owner of the Production House almost nearly pulled this story before she read it...but once she read it she broke into a wide smile...she was proud to see how well her niece had learnt all on her own (or perhaps by following example) the UCP way! :) So without further delay here is blog post by that other Dubay! :)


Assalamu Alaikum (peace be upon you)

As far as the journey has brought me, I had a very wonderful and pleasurable experience learning and educating myself about Islam. Coming from a strict Hindu background, people would find it a very odd approach to see someone like me engaging in such an activity. From my path however I saw it as a higher pillar of life and beyond. It is much more than a mere eye would see.

Questions came towards me as to why I decided to go on about Islam or simply 'Muslim'. As to how I would see it,. there is only on God but we see Him differently based on the different strengths of our faiths. But as one race, being the human race, it would tak time for us to understand and accept the truth. Conversion can never be the positive step forward though. As that is just a negative divergence. If you trult have faith and love, the only way is the religion of love and compassion. You should not be biased or fanatical though. If you are particular defined religion
and you are a true devotee of God in your faith then you should not judge other fatih as it is the same said God. When you start doing this, ther is no use of using God's name. You become a loser.

Back to the broad topic of Islam. I am not confined to any faith or cult but I believe that there is a supreme being in this world. Atheism isno the way as it does not have solid truth about it. It we use the example of air. We know for a fact that air exists but we cannot see air, same with the Creator.

Learning about Islam and the way of Allah (God) has been quite interesting as I can now tell a muslim what I know about his/her religion. By exploring another faith, you learn to accept your other brother and sistes in life more and you respect them even more.

As Islam will present itself, it is solely based on the principles of the Holy Qur'an, Sunnahs and Prophet Muhammud (PBUH). I will not do into details with the Qur'an. But I will share some benefits of Islam. Islam prohibits alcohol use and the ingestion of toxic substances. It helps you to draw closer to Allah in dua (prayer) and teaches you how to go to Jannat (Heaven). Allah gave men and women equal rights but different responsibilities. He entrusted the men with the duty of working to take care of the household and going to the masjid. The women are to cook and take care of the children. Islam has been stereotyped to things such as terrorism and domestic abuse. But it is not so. There is good and bad in everyone and the innocent should not be accused for anything. Muslim women lead normal lives and are treat very well by their husbands. They are give right to eve work and drive. These things are just stereotypes. Men are to wear clothes up to their knees which are loose and women are to cover their entire body except for the hands (up to wrist bone) and face. Hijab is not just a piece of cloth but a practice and test. Once you are wearing hijab, you wear it for Allah. You are to lower your gaze being Muslim. During Ramadan you are not only forgiven of your sins but you can loose fat and help purify your body while getting closer to God.

Islamic architecture is quite fascinating and so is its song and music. The Qasidas, Qawalis, Nasheeds and prayers are very peaceful. The most peaceful music though is believed to be Sufi music which is associated with Sufism (a sect of Islam).

If you find experincing a new faith interesting to you, you can try learning about Islam, Hinduism, Christianity or others. Trust me, it does pay off in the end, and it helps to clear many misunderstandings and doubts you would have had. This does not mean you are converting however. You are just embracing another reality.

Ramadan is near to a close and I hope that Allah is pleased with everyone's dua and fast. Lailatul-Qadr ( which usually falls within the last ten days of Ramadan)is considered to be the night of power and prayer on this night can be as equivalent strong as doing 83 years of tapas (Sanskrit word used in Hinduism to represent the destruction of accumulated sins by underdoing physical sacrifices that leads to spiritual evolution).

Keep praying, keep smiling and Insha Allah you will be greatly blessed. Hope you enjoyed your Ramadan and Eid Mubarak to you all! Khuda Hafiz! Assalamu Alaikum! (peace be onto you!)

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