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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dhyana (Gyan) Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga?

The other night as I asked you all if you had just >40 mins to spare you could sit and listen to the Supreme One lecture...I decided to myself...it wasn't the first time I heard/read the talk...and by the way I went on to the next episode and listened to the whole chat...I've conveniently attached the Youtube vid here for you again of the 2nd part of the chat...

So yep...made me wonder about something I've been wondering about since my early teens...dhyana (gyan) yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga? Which one...which one is the right way...is it that one way is right for you at one point in time...then another one at another time...or is it depending on your nature (prakriti) one way is best for you as oppose to another...or is it the age we in that matters...you know like how the Hare Krishnas and they say it's Kal Yug (the dark age) now and so Bhakti (love)yoga is the only way...? Plus my understanding is that Jesus's way was Bhakti Yoga mostly no? As for sure was Rumi's...

Well dunno...dunno...and sometimes when you hear the Supreme One teasing on you wonder if he is saying at one point in time all are the best like when he talks about each he does have a good way of making you believe that particular one is THE BEST you know! :) But then that is his prakriti (nature)! :)

I in my lesser prakriti still don't know... is why I've been saying this is my journey...this is my song...so I just keep trying to figure it out all the way long...

I think up to now on the prayers I've been singing and dancing in Bhakti Yoga...the path of love...love of God...love of Universe...love of mankind, animals and nature...so like the Hare Krishnas and Rumi of Sufi fame...I've been a Bhakti Yogi or well for gender correctness Yogini or like the Hare Krishnas like to say I would have been practicing perhaps Bhaktivedanta...

But what of these other paths...Dhyana Yoga or Gyan Yoga...the path of Knowledge...or Karma Yoga...the path of Action...it sounds like when I was hearing the Supreme One...well you can't have proper Karma Yoga without Dhyana Yoga cause you have to practice right action...the Supreme One in his talks saying we have to carry out action...but the best action is well...right action is better than bad action but the best action of all is when it becomes non-action...where we just do it for the sake of doing it...not caring about the outcome...so then it's like non-action...guess the equivalent of the New Age ...Going with the Flow theory...or like Deepak Uncle likes to talk about in his Least Effort theories?

But how do you know what it is your duty is? Like how do we know I mean Arjun knew cause the supreme one was telling him and according to the culture of the time and place in which the talk was being given well Arjun was a warrior so his duty was to fight according to the Vedic civilization's laws of war etc. back then...

So I guess for modern man or woman...in our case we need to find our right calling then go into it and practice it cause we must not caring what happens as a result of it...just do it cause we have to...I guess would be our Karma Yoga?

But for sure for us to find that thing we must do our duty we would need to utilize Dhayana Yoga and/or Bhakti Yoga to find it no? And if while doing this thing we must...we fall in love and dance in Universal Collective Prayer that should be cool too right...to practice Bhakti Yoga in combo with Karma Yoga? Hey why not?

So to me thus far I figure that's what the Supreme One is saying...all the Yogas combined is really the coolest if you can wing it! :)

Of course in Universal Collective Prayer anything can happen I mean...maybe while we are looking for our path...through Dhyana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga...the Supreme One will appear or communicate to us like he did with Moses and say...This is your path! :) Go forth now young man or not so young woman! :) Do it I say! :)

Anyway again this is just my thoughts...my journey...my song...I'm not trying to offend or corrupt any religion here nor to create my own...I'm just trying to learn from all...

Also I would love to hear other people's thoughts on their journeys, their songs...so if you want to share them here please do comment on my blog posts...or if you want to guest blog again...drop me a line at this email:
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Word Bandit said...

I think it's all. :-)

It's the way The Universe plays out in form, and it assumes all different hues.

Ultimately, the force that dissolves all is love, but as while we're in form, we need the other yogas as well.

Or so it seems to me; everyone has their path while here.

meadysmusings said...

Word Bandit thanks for sharing your thoughts here...most appreciated and look fwd. to having you join me in Universal Collective Prayer more in the future...

And yep I totally agree with you ...you need all and yep Love perhaps dissolves it all in the end...so yep let's dance in Bhakti yog...in Universal Collective Prayer! :)

As you will see from my post in the past it was mostly what was praticed on here...dancing and singing in Universal Collective Prayer in fact Universal Collective Prayer is itself a dance! :)

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