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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eid-Ul -Adha and Thanksgiving:I found an Islamic Point of Light!

This year the Islamic festival of Eid-Ul-Adha and the American one of Thanksgiving fall on almost the same day...just a day apart I believe. I've never understood or embraced either festival...and Eid-Ul-Adha being a religious festival it has always been a toughie for me on UCP because I want to understand...I want to explore it...but each time I tried so far...my heart grew heavy, the lights grew dim and when I looked down and I saw my dancing feet were bloodied!

But I went trying to open my heart and doing some research on the web...I found this Islamic point of light on the topic! :) So I won't say much on the topic here just point my readers to that blog's thorough discussion on the topic here:


I had so wanted to say something positive about Islam that I had even planned to talk about Islamic banking and insurance for Eid-ul Adha instead! :) Because I feel there is some real positive points of light to be found there...and I really want to explore more about that here on UCP as well...but I was glad I found the Islamic point of light on the topic of Eid-Ul-Adha as well! :) And more so one year into UCP I've been able to move forward to a better place in my appreciation of Islamic point of view on this topic...click here to see my point of view on it last year to see how far I've come...

Well while I found my Islamic point of light I was saddened to read on the same blog about Hindus in Nepal doing mass animal sacrifices too...and always recall about how the Dalai Lama is not himself vegetarian...reminded of it in Tibetan culture when recently watching the film '2012' and the Tibetan Grannie lady just chopped off the chicken's neck! I guess in those climates and topography not much room to grow veggies so maybe one must eat meat for survival?

But I don't understand how if your religion is love and compassion for all beings you can do that...and I think vegetarians and aspiring vegans like myself mean sentient beings when we say beings...and so is why we draw the line and don't eat animals although yes vegetables are living too...and of course we may find out they are sentient soon as well I know this...and yes for sure I see it in trees as well...but as much as possible I try to eat with what I perceive to be the lowest possible karmic debt and also to try to engage in things that will make me less violent I guess.I guess on the whole daily I try to minimise my karmic debt and I think it is something all of us should consider. Check out my sister blog Meady's Musings for my recent fast/diet.



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Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it

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You're welcome Anon! :)

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