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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Pilgrimage in the Month of Kartik...

On UCP readers may recall ‘my thing’ with Shiv making me a Shiv Bhakt although his cute elephantine son is really my Ishq Devata! I guess ‘the thing’ is not some love affair by the way but a relationship of serious awe and deep divine respect. As you may have read in my previous posts I consider him to be like the supreme yogi! The super one…Super Shiv!...and over a year ago I took to being his disciple using this picture of a murti of him at Rishikesh as my tutor…my guru…I studied the picture of the murti mimicking his art of meditation and although most of the time I was not able to sit in the perfect yogi position as my guru I have been in meditation of sorts in and out (in my own metaphorical or metaphysical way) of the meditation cave for over a year now. I’m sure some of the effects of those retreats would have been the energy that prompted me to do the candle4tibet thing as I saw it as gurus bowing to each other by helping out a Lama on behalf of Shiv. I'm just the doer but he is the Shiv and the Shakti...the seed and the energy! And it was the candle4tibet experience that among other things led to me create this blog and really it has been quite a journey to cover this UCP...my and your Universal Collective Prayer! :)

But really it has been such an act of joy...a bhakti yogic dance that I’ve never once thought of it as a task or an accomplishment…or even a goal set to achieve…perhaps instead like how all true students, disciples or chelas should be I was just in it for the learning and it being bhakti yoga in a way well I was just in it for the dancing! For the dance itself and the fun, love, light and joy it brings! Picture me brimming with glee! Like a big, fat Santa Claus if you’ll have it! And good ole Santa must be a big bhakti yogi himself no doubt (be)cause really just look at his glee! And I will be ‘believing in him’ soon…can’t wait to dance forth on my Advent calendar next month! With the three wise men!:)

But for now back to Shiv…it’s the Hindu month of Kartik...which brings the Hindu calendar to a close so I can go on to dance forth in the Christian one and celebrate Advent! And today, 2 Nov Hindus through out the world bring the Hindu calendar of events to a close with the celebration of Kartik Nahan…Snan…Snaan or Purnima either way an Ode to Water! I noticed over the last week or so many have been coming to UCP to check out this blog that I did last year for the same event and so I’m not going to go on much about my Ode to Water again! But for sure I have to bow to her-Ganga Mai as I’m surrounded by loads and loads of it living on an island! And today local Hindu groups are celebrating it in many a place but in particular I like this spot- The Mosquito Creek because it’s where I sometimes ‘almost see and feel’ Shiv and I pass it everyday on my way back and forth for work. Many a time I visualise Shiv at the side of the creek doing full yogi stretches pretty much like I feel he must do them on the banks of the river Ganga and on the sands of a Kerala beach! :)See if you can picture it too! :)

Kartik Jandhis, Mosquito Creek- TRINIDAD

The Water!, Mosquito Creek-TRINIDAD

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Now many may see Kartik Nahan to be a celebration of Ganga Mata…an ode to the great Indian river worshipped as a Goddess and Mother (as it is where Hinduism originated) and then later on as a worship of all bodies of water wherever Hinduism spread like here in Trinidad. Others celebrate it as a time of praise to Lord Vishnu for incarnating as Lord Matsya- a fish type incarnation to conquer evil in one of the ages. But to me Kartik has to also be about Shiv! I mean how can you say Ganga and not say Shiv…hey didn’t he wrap her up in his hair? Didn’t he save us from her full force and so tamed her before she landed on earth? I mean he is always out there... putting himself out-drinking poison…taming raging female rivers and Goddesses. So you have to hail Shiv here too!

So today on Kartik Nahan I mark my devotion to Shiv with this personal story…I’ve been meaning to blog it…but been unsure…also if you really follow UCP you will know that I’m always at odds as if to share certain profound spiritual experiences or not…if to take that picture or not…sometimes I find it too personal at other times too cheesy…sometimes I share them sometimes I don’t…after much to and fro in my mind and without any divine revelation I’ve decided to share the story…it involves another person who feels her story should be personal in that it can be shared but not her identity so she will only be referenced here in anonymity. So here’s the katha (story)…

Said person of anonymity and non-fame had a dream a few weeks ago prior to Diwali I believe…in the dream she heard a voice saying to her… “If you want to see Shiv…Sada Shiv then go to El Dorado Shiv Mandir" Now person of anonymity and no real claim to fame is very close to me and I was charged with her desire to take her there! However she had to first of all be ready to go! So eventually she was and so finally we went! Off on a pilgrimage on Sat 24 Oct 2009 which, according to my research would all be within the month of Kartik as this year it is 5 Oct to 2 Nov 2009. So after some looking and getting lost then looking again then finally finding we were at the gate of the El Dorado Shiv Mandir. Now both me and person of anonymity but filled with much nagging refrain...sorry I know this is UCP...but nagging it was! No not naagin as in the snakes although I feel it is where that term came from... had to be! But nagging! Well you know how it is... picture how the three wise men behaved on their journey and remove one person and make them female and remove some wisdom and well you had us! :)

But finally we were there! Before the gates of El Dorado Shiv Mandir looking not for Spanish Gold but for Shiv no doubt! Now both of us had been to the temple before and it was person of anonymity who had the dream not I! But neither of us could recall details of the temple...just that we may have come to this temple before for a wedding or something...no doubt was why we couldnt even find it in the first place! However as we veered a bit from the temple's gate...we saw the back of a Shiv murti that seemed to be in a type of gazebo like structure annexed to the mandir itself...and we both at the same time knew...it was the Shiv that was meant to be...the one we came here to see! :) Now person of anonymity, well she has this long going thing with Shiv...beyond me! She got so excited I thought I would have to leave the lady there to stay with Shiv you see! She went quickly up to some mandir workers who seemed to be in a committee meeting and got the permission in case they would mind and had already spotted flowers even giving some to me! :) Before I could be aware I saw her up there by the murti now that was seriously a love affair beyond compare! But seriously this is no joke it was actually pretty intense...and I don't know what these numbers mean for sure again but as I looked at my blackberry considering which shot to take or not...well there it was 4:44 PM the time she met her Shiv! Some say this is when the angels are fully with us! And when I had this dream about Shiv the time well it was 3:33 AM when I awoke from the dream...so could it be? 333 when the gurus are with us and now 444 the angels were rejoicing with us? :)

Now I went before Shiv too you see...but I had not a thought in mind...it was the calmest I have ever been...thoughtless...how could I be!:) But I was...and so it is only after person of anonymity explained to me...that this Shiv was an awakened Shiv or a Shiv that was awake...that I realised! I then thought...it was definitely a rarer Shiv to find about on the island...and yes...white...only with the neck painted blue where he drank the poison and so became known as Neel Kanth or Blue Throat. So then it dawned on me...could it be?

So since then it has had me wondering especially based on how it felt...yes person of anonymity for sure had her own story here...she has long had her love affair and for sure the dream came through her for her purposes too...but was it that I had to be part of it too?...well but like in Mission Impossible though...your task Babita should you choose to accept it...because if I hadn't chosen to take her well I would also not have seen...perhaps that was the final task you see? And for instance had I not taken her she would have gone on her own or some other way but I would not have seen...But yes...I think so...as she had said he was in awaken pose...and giving his Dharshan (blessings) with his hand raised and all...these things are not seen and only felt but I think it could have been...

After more than a year of sitting at my guru's feet here:

He said to me Ayushmati Bhava (may you live long)here! Not literally but in a dream and through iconography could it be? As he showered his blessings on me! I didn't ask for anything I had no thoughts you see and perhaps is what made me a good yogini! I humbly sit at your feet Oh Great One for I know I've only just begun...but I graciously accept whatever blessings you so desire to shower on me for one needs to know how to accept as well as how to give! Especially when the blessings come from a guru such as you! May I continue to please you! :) Also I give thanks to those who maintain the beautiful Shiv Mandir which I understand is one of the oldest on the island. Check out that katha (story) here


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