On Thurs 7 Aug 08 @9PM I had a deeply moving and spiritual experience when I lit candles and deeyas for Tibet. This was in unison with everyone in my time zone and done globally. I'd like to explore this and share my experiences with you and hear yours as we participate in universal collective prayer events together. I hope to work together with all the universe's beings as we move toward the ideal of Universal Collective Prayer.

Come join me in Universal Collective Prayer!

May God Bless Us All!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak 2010!

UCP celebrates the end of the month of fasting that is Ramadan! And salutes all those who successfully completed this period of fasting. We hope it was a time well spent where spiritual questions were asked and lessons were learnt well while enjoying the time with Allah! This year Ramadan ends at a not so good time on the global landscape for UCP though...I mean all must have heard of the threat by an American pastor to burn the Holy Quran and how he is now playing around with the idea of 'shall I or shall I not' depending on whether a mosque/Islamic cultural centre is built at 'Ground zero'

Now UCP wasn't around in 2001 when the famous '9 11 bombings' took place but you can clearly see why we needed UCP then and still do now! It's a pity when men of the cloth in particular carry on like this...I mean why can't we all just get along and engage in UCP already! But in reality we here at UCP know that there are many who don't see prayer in all and any religion as part of a universal collective prayer and instead like to carry on as if one prayer is the only prayer and perhaps even go as far as to discount the prayer of another! And that's just sad...it's so sad that it makes having to do this blog post be the saddest blog post ever topping out in sadness over the blog post we had to do when there were bombings in Mumbai in 2008.

But UCP is about happiness not sadness and we really hope no Qurans are burnt tomorrow or at any other time...and we do hope that terrorist world over learn instead to engage in this thing we like to call UCP-Universal Collective Prayer! Because you know what? If they did dance forth like us in this thing we call UCP and explore it no matter what religion it was...well they'd not want to blow up things! And so our Eid Mubarak prayer and wishes is for all the world to realise and see that terrorists are simply terrorists...and people who engage in prayer are simply prayer givers and no one...no matter what religion they offer these prayers in...if they do it from their heart and soul in true communion with God however they perceive him or her or it to be would ever want to blow up things in this beautiful plane but would instead want to only create, create, create and dance forth in this thing we call UCP-Universal Collective Prayer! :)

So let's now celebrate Eid 2010 as we crank up the tunes once more! :) But we also put in a snip from the film 'My Name is Khan' in the hope that we here at UCP throw our two cents in the hat for if not 'religious acceptance for all' at least 'religious tolerance' on this Eid day 2010! :)

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