On Thurs 7 Aug 08 @9PM I had a deeply moving and spiritual experience when I lit candles and deeyas for Tibet. This was in unison with everyone in my time zone and done globally. I'd like to explore this and share my experiences with you and hear yours as we participate in universal collective prayer events together. I hope to work together with all the universe's beings as we move toward the ideal of Universal Collective Prayer.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A House from Habitat for Diwali! And Human Values!

For those of you who follow my blogs or those of Elspeth Duncan you will be aware that a few weeks ago some of my friends and I volunteered at a Habitat for Humanity project that we learnt about through a film done by Elspeth called Invisible. The project moved incredibly fast and as everyone celebrates Diwali here in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Hindu world I am congratulating Habitat for Humanity for giving Veronica what it looks like a house for Diwali! Cause in this pic below courtesy Elspeth Duncan the house was looking like that on Sat 25 Oct 08 so it must be all done by now at that rate! To give you an idea of how quickly work progressed I am re-posting a pic of my friends and I posing after we had broken up a mound of clay and used it to fill that foundation along with a heap of sand. That foundation was cast on Sun 12 Oct 2008 so you can see the progress made by Habitat and its volunteers and supporters in less than two weeks time!

My friends and I posing along with Habitat personnel after the foundation was cast on Sun 12 Oct 08.

Veronica's house just days away from completion just in time for Diwali! Taken on Sat 25 Oct 2008 and courtesy of Elspeth Duncan

I couldn't find a more fitting blog to kick off Diwali day here in Trinidad and Tobago! Here in Trinidad Mother Lakshmi is honoured on Diwali day as the goddess of the home. In Hinduism a form of Lakshmi is seen to be a female living in a home and also Lakshmi is seen as the bestower of several forms of wealth one form of course being a house and land on which one can live.

My company celebrations this year embodied the theme Human Values the Key to Positive Change and we had a photography competition which asked participants to illustrate one of the following human values we listed: love, compassion, peace, non-violence and honesty. We had entries in all categories and sixty four entires in all. Below is a melange of the winning entries on display the one of top illustrating compassion and the winner of the first place,the one in the middle showing love and in second place and the one below holding the third place showing peace.

In Hinduism the embodiment of human values and will to carry it out...a true man of Dharam and Karam...knowing his purpose on earth and then carrying it out in his actions...ladies and gentlemen ...Shri Ram of the great Hindu epic the Ramayan accompanied by his eternal supporters:

And I leave you with a kinda scratchy done vid (it wasnt in the best of light)of my mummy singing his praises in the Kishkinda Kand of the Ramayan (the part of the Ramayan where Ram, Lakshman and Sita meets up that Great and Learned Monkey God-Hanuman Baba!)Job well done mummy!And I promise to put up a clearer vid quality series of Ramayan reading vids soon!

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