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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Took Part in the Global Peace Meditation Today!

I took part in the Global Peace Mediation today with Deepak Chopra and Friends. I learnt about it through Intent.I came on to the site early so I heard the prelude music that was on before we joined the live feed. Unfortunately it seems as though the sessions at the retreat itself were behind time. I know how hard it can be to organize things like this and I have no clue why they were behind and why Deepak was trying to fit in a powerpoint presentation for about 15mins before he started the meditation but one can only figure maybe people asked too many questions this and that. And of course I wished they had started on time but we were getting to join a paid workshop for free and Deepak did reach out to the 80,000 people who were supposedly tuned in all over the world! Anyway as a whole I know how hard it is for anyone to keep a workshop running on schedule and it was 15 mins late not 30 or totally messed up! Also although we couldn't see the Powerpoint slides obviously as it was only an audio hook up you did hear some interesting talks on the perception of 'God' and religion.

After the 15 min delay we were welcomed again and went into the meditation...for about 15mins on the heart chakra...I had a hard time hearing Deepak as he at times sounded very soft and seemed tired but I was able to fall in although I felt like I was a slow student as I had never done any of his meditations before...so I just heard let's meditate or something like that and heart chakra but to be honest I didnt realise I was suppose to be focusing on the heart chakra! All the same I did get I was suppose to close my eyes and I guess I meditated within in the best way I knew without realizing I was suppose to focus on the heart chakra. At first what happened was I sort of was feeling my attention focused on my stomach more from center to upper to my heart but after a while it did move to the heart. It was for sure one of the most relaxing 15 mins I've had in a long time...first I heard the cars far off on the main road together with the buzz of insects all over (I'm in the tropics!) but eventually I was able to become more focused and calm. It was very refreshing really although I was a bit lost as to what I was doing like were we going to be like this for the whole hour or what?

But then after 15 mins like that I heard a whisper in and out from Deepak and if I did hear it right...I understood then I was all the time suppose to be focusing on my heart chakra which I think I had done by default in the last 10 mins at least and then we were suppose to be releasing feelings of peace, harmony, laughter and love from that heart chakra like slow ripples that form when you drop a tiny pebble into a pond...I really got into that idea and had fun doing that especially the laughter bit! :)

After that Deepak explained bout what or why we were releasing the four things listed in the last paragraph and from the heart chakra ...the medical stuff he spoke about was very interesting to me. I didn't realize the heart was indeed scientifically even possibly more advanced than the brain in its consciousness?! Although it was delightful news! :) Then the audience there asked some questions bout God again and stuff and Deepak eventually decided to play a sort of musical poetic recitation of the Upanishads by the late Alan Watts that was given to him by Watts' son apparently...it is the first time I've heard of Watts but his voice sounded refreshing...the British accent and all and a trance like kinda talent! The session soon after came to an end and the moderator lady there did say that you can get the Alan Watts think on itunes and this other place! I figured Youtube?! So I googled Alan Watts and interesting to learn more of him and I also found the recitation on Youtube. Attached as below.

This was very different from The Peace Intention Experiment done by Mc Taggart but was very refreshing and relaxing...I dont think I felt connected to the other 80,000 or thought much bout world peace but I did feel relaxed and refreshed inward and learnt more bout myself and my body. In the Mc Taggart experiment I think I felt very connected and part of a universal link up and there with the music you tried to imagine things helping the people in Sri Lanka etc so in that case your mind projected a movie within ...visualized peaceful and good thoughts...in that experiment it was interesting that after I could have gone on a board set up on the Ning network and chat with others who participated and realized some people thought similar thoughts as myself etc. Two different experiences both intended to foster peace and both useful in their own rights! It would be interesting for Deepak and friends to repeat this though and this time set it up for that purpose alone and perhaps as a video link up? Of course I have no idea the resources this would entail?

Anyway until then I leave you with the Alan Watts clip...pretty cool...

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