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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Advent Calendar:Christmas Day!-Joy to the World Let's Rejoice in Universal Collective Prayer!

Since I've created Universal Collective Prayer the blog I've been more and more dabbling in and rejoicing in forms of prayers from other cultures and religions. I've always celebrated Christmas and no doubt I've even reflected on the birth of the Christ child before but posting on this blog has made me even deeper into it I've found...it has made me realize how much I feel Joy for the symbolic birth of the Christ child today and how every time I see him as a baby I also see an image of Baby Krishna similar to the one from the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust which I can't re-post here after reading their terms and conditions. But it is of the baby stealing ghee (clarified butter and a real treat in that time and era of Vedic culture...I guess equivalent to being caught with your hand in the cookie jar in modern Northern American culture.). This parallelism happened to me earlier this week while driving to work when I heard a very very cute Christmas song on the radio along these lines....
'I'm getting nuttin this Christmas cause I've been nuttin but bad...I put a knot in Suzie's hair somebody snitched (told) on me! I....somebody snitched (told) on me! I'm gettin nuttin this Christmas...'

I can't remember the words well but it was so cute and the first visualization of it that came to me head was of Baby Krishna and how he was so bad ....a bad bad boy when he was a baby...always stealing the ghee and stuff...and so cute! :) And I guess it made me realise that the kid in the song would have been just like little Kanhaiya (Krishna) and so he would have been getting nuttin for Christmas too! He who then proceeded to show his mum that he had the whole universe in his mouth! There is a good visualization of this in the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust but I just realised I can't publish it here even if it is not for profit and even if I link back and in so doing give the site its rights but I guess they do need to sell the pics to build temples apparently so... And perhaps in that we see already how religion and people decide how to share or hoard God's love...but yep understand bout copyright and all.

But yep He who I see as Love's Pure Clear Light as it was manifest through the Christ Child as he was symbolically born today....Said Christ child who as an adult told his followers that to go to his father and his kingdom we had to become in our hearts like children! :) It made me think that if I ever did have my own kids on earth in this lifetime that I should try to remember what Mata (Mother) Yashoda saw in Baby Krishna's mouth and give my kid something for Christmas even if he is bad and somebody tells on him! :)

And guess what I luckily was able to find back that song on the You tube so here it is! At least as far as I know for now it can be shared not for profit if we want to simply share our thoughts...

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