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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guide Us to Thy Perfect Light!

Yea I know there is terror in the world...India and Pakistan are staring down each other and there are the things in Somalia, Nigeria, Thailand...AIDS threatens to wipe out Sub Saharan Africa as many may have become informed of yesterday as the UN marked World AIDS day...Africa has an adult prevalence of 5%! In a world where every other continent/region is <1% save the Caribbean region which has a prevalence of 1.1%! In other places people aren't as free as they should be all sort of things...closer to home on my island people daily try to kill each other on the roads and the murder toll thus far for the year I'm sad to share with the rest of the world is upwards of 500!

But I know there must be hope and it is Christmas time...so I've decided to take a break from loading up on all the recent sad events globally and look to that shining light of hope...I was just singing and dancing to that amazingly fun You Tube vid below courtesy of Hugh Jackman et al who I recently saw in a different light in Australia...not a bad film and good performance from Nicole Kidman too and the child actor playing the part aboriginal part white child in the film. And great to learn a bit about the wisdom of the aboriginal peoples of Australia who live, breathe and feel the land so well that they have become intuitive. Yes if you didn't guess it or check out the YouTube comments it was Hugh Jackman singing! :) That's the Hugh they are referring too...such fun! So I've decided to get back into the Christmas spirit...world worries and recessions aside...and what better vid that that! And in listening to the fun of the Magi, I remembered how they sing in the tune:

'Guide Us to Thy Perfect Light'

and so I got the title of this post!

And you know what they say when something is so much fun you got to do it again! So I'm gonna leave you with them three kings again but a different version this time and another Christmas carol that surely goes alongside the tune...The First Noel...after all:

"The first Noel the angels did say was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay...they looked up and saw a star shining in the east beyond them far and to the earth it gave great light and so it continued both day and both night...and by the light of that same star three wise men came from country far...to seek for a king was their intent and to follow the star wherever it went"

So the shepherds were looking to the east...the Magi (three wisemen) to the west and who said "East is and west is and never the twain shall meet"?!... Rudyard Kipling was wrong cause when Jesus was born east and west became as one as a star they looked upon!

So dear God please guide us from East and West...and North and South...Guide us to thy perfect light! And as the Magi had that Intent I plan to add a new Intent on my Intent profile...To Be Guided to Thy Perfect Light! :)

So now I leave you to the effortlessly angelic voice of Charlotte Church!

And well here's the thing...cause Hugh and they were so good and I can't find a single thing on You Tube as fun and lovely as it! Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. David Hobson, Mr. Hugh Jackman and Mr.Peter Cousen doing it again! Encore! :)


Elspeth said...

Yes, I can read it clearly now. I love Charlotte Church. I have a Christmas CD of hers - can't remember the name of it, but it always makes me feel uplifted. I listen to it sometimes during the year as well. Or when doing a task like cleaning out and throwing things away, I've put it on to energise me.

meadysmusings said...

I think I saw her launch the CD you're talking about on Oprah when it came out. Not sure how many yrs ago that was though time sometimes passes so quickly for me...I like both but had more fun with the three kings one! :)

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